Do you have an interest‑only mortgage? You may be entitled to compensation.

Let our team help you establish whether your interest only mortgage was mis-sold and whether you are eligible for compensation.

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Natasha was eligible for £159,225 compensation

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If you have been sold a mortgage after the 31st October 2004 through a broker there is a real possibility that the Mortgage has been mis-sold and you could be eligible for compensation.

The rules governing the sale of mortgages state that the lenders and brokers must ensure that the mortgage is affordable not only at the time of sale but throughout the whole term of the mortgage, even if that means into retirement.

If it can be established that the mortgage was mis-sold then you may have a claim for losses from the start of the mortgage to date, and through to the full term of the mortgage.

David and Andrea were eligible for £65,994 compensation
Claim Your Mortgage

Are you entitled to compensation?

For a lay person, it is almost impossible for you to know whether you may have been mis-sold a mortgage. We are here to help and offer you a FREE, no obligation initial consultation to walk you through the whole process without any legal jargon and assess whether you have a potential claim.

You can still claim if:

  • The company or adviser who sold you the mortgage isn't trading anymore; it may still be possible to make a claim against the Financial Services Compenstation Scheme (FSCS).
  • You don't currently own the property that was mortgaged
  • You had a joint account with someone you no longer live with, each person may be entitled to compensation.

What we need to establish if the mortgage has been mis-sold:

  • The name of your mortgage provider
  • The date it was started

The rules governing the sale of mortgages state that the lenders and brokers must ensure that the mortgage is affordable not only at the time of sale but throughout the whole term of the mortgage, even if that means into retirement.

Claim your mortgage. Frequently asked questions

Claim Your Mortgage
Paul and Carol were eligible for £171,924 compensation

Who are Claim Your Mortgage?

Claim Your Mortgage work with a team of legal experts, who are dealing with thousands of claims like yours. Your claim will be assessed by one of our experts and if you qualify, you will then be passed to a panel of solicitors who will dedicate someone to your claim, so you always have someone to call.

What do I need to do?

Simply fill in the 3 step application and we will take it from there!

You will be required to provide instructions throughout the life of the claim and co-operate with your solicitor at all times.

Only a very small number of cases proceed all the way to court and if this happens, your solicitor will be there every step of the way to guide you through.

Will claiming affect my mortgage?

Your claim will not affect your credit rating and therefore will not show on any referencing a mortgage provider would undertake. In addition your current lender must treat you fairly and the fact that you are making a claim is not reasonable grounds for them altering your current mortgage to less favourable terms.

What do I have to pay?

Up front, nothing.

We will complete the initial enquiries into your claim on a complete no obligation basis. Once we have established whether you have a valid claim, you will then be signed to a No Win No Fee agreement, which means that provided you co-operate and provide honest instructions all costs will be covered by the ATE policy in the event your case is not successful.

In the event your claim is successful your solicitor will deduct up to 35% + VAT from compensation awarded to cover their legal fees, also a deduction will be made if you are required to take out an After The Event insurance policy and/or enter into a funding agreement to cover your legal expenses.

I don’t have my mortgage paperwork, does this matter?

No problem, we will obtain this for you!

All we need to progress your claim is the name of the mortgage provider and when it was taken out. We have a few simple questions about the type of mortgage you have and we will then be able to obtain the rest from your mortgage provider.

What if I no longer own the property I mortgaged?

If you have been forced to sell your home or downsize due to being unable to afford it, there is a strong likelihood that your mortgage was mis-sold.

What if I own it with someone I no longer live with?

Both parties to a mortgage have an equal right to make a claim. We try to make the process as simple as possible for all involved and understand that some people don’t want to be involved day to day. Therefore whilst we will however need a signature at the outset from both owners, one can take the lead in providing instructions and dealing with the claim from there on in.

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